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Insurance Information


Please bring your insurance ID card or proof of insurance paperwork, and photo ID with you to your appointment so that we may verify your insurance benefits. If you do not have all your information, we will not be able to verify your insurance coverage and you will be responsible for the entire cost of the visit.

Please do not assume that all or part of the root canal fee will be paid by your insurance. Insurance companies vary widely in their coverage. Please check with your insurance company if you are unsure. However, any portion that the insurance does not cover must be paid the day treatment is started. If treatment is not complete within 120 days, your insurance will be filed.

If your claim involves medical insurance for documented accidents, we will provide you with the necessary papers for you to file claim, but we collect the entire fee up front as it can sometimes take months for these types of claims to be resolved.


We collect all consultation fees in full upon your initial visit. By the time many of our patients reach the endodontist's office, they have already used up their annual exam benefits. We will file your claim with your insurance company and issue you a refund if your insurance covers the consultation visit. Over-payment refunds take a minimum of 4 weeks.


We are considered "in-network" for Delta Dental customers, and will be happy to file your insurance claim for you.

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